The Offa robbery case before the State High Court, Ilorin, Kwara State came up today for hearing. However, the matter could not go on as a result of the inability of the Prosecution to present their witnesses.

The DPP, who is prosecuting the matter, earlier informed the court that they would not be able to go on because the office of the AIG, Abuja, who is in charge of investigation of the matter, is yet to make available the witnesses and the exhibits for the trial despite repeated requests by his office.

The Prosecution, therefore, applied for a short adjournment for them to ensure that their witnesses are available. The Defence Counsel conceded to the adjournment at the instant of the Projusecution.

The Court, Presided by Saleeman, J. vacated the earlier order of the court for definite hearing and adjourned the case to 18th January, 2019 for definite hearing.

It will be recalled that this matter arose from the deadly armed robbery incident that occurred in Offa, Kwara State where scores of people were killed.

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