Have you heard of the saying that transforming dream into reality requires just one thing – determination? Well, this is the inspiration behind the activities of the present leadership of the NBA Ilorin Branch. Inspired by the desire to revolutionise the way and manner of disseminating information to its members, the present leadership of the NBA Ilorin Branch set up a committee named ‘Ilorin Bar Blog and Social Media Committee’ with the principal aim to ‘open and operate the Branch internet blog for dissemination of information and news that would promote the unity and good image of the Branch’.

The Committee led by its Chairman, Mr. AbdulRazak Daibu, and the Editor-in-Chief, Mr Oluwaseye Adeboye, swung into action by leading other members of the Committee to birth what is now a reality. In keeping to its mandate, the Committee has created a dedicated blog that would project the image of the Branch and disseminate information that affect our members in real time. Our job is not done yet as we aim to digitalize our conventional ways of passing information. imagine how exciting it would be having our cause lists for all courts in Ilorin uploaded the night before, or having to be informed if a particular court is sitting or not, etc.

In the coming days and weeks, the Committee would reel out programmes that would not only project the good image of our branch, but also that of our teeming members of this Branch. So we ask that you keep a date with us, put us in the speed dial of your browsers, as we continue to serve you even better.

We thank the Chairman of the NBA Ilorin Branch, Mr. MAI Akande for the opportunity to serve this wonderful Branch.

Taofeeq Alatise

Secretary of the Committee

Members of the NBA Ilorin Blog and Social Media Committee:

  1. AbdulRazak Daibu            Chairman
  2. Oluwaseye Thompson        Editor-in-Chief
  3. Taofeeq Alatise            Secretary
  4. AbdulAfeez Olayinka Mohammad        Member
  5. Muhammed Ayinla Edun    Member
  6. Adeyemi Oyedare            Member
  7. Usman Olufadi            Member
  8. Margaret Nwaokolo            Member

Hussain Kolapo Onimago        Member

Abdulhafeez Olayinka Mohammad
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